Telegram allows you to lock your exchanges. This
cinch can be bypassed with a quick Leg entry
or indeed via your phone’s point detector.
You can enable encryption, by opening any converse in
Telegram, tapping the contact’s name> threedots
icon> launch Secret converse.

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Secret Chats
Telegram’s dereliction exchanges are backed up by
the platform’s secure pall. This allows you
to, use the same account, on multiple bias,
including your laptop. still, these exchanges
are not end- to- end translated,
There are some nuisances, with Telegram’s
Secret converse point, however, including that it
does n’t work on all bias, so you may be suitable to
start these exchanges from your phone but not from
Telegram’s desktop apps.

Stop people from calling you or adding you to groups
Telegram calls are a good volition, to regular
phone calls, but if you do n’t want to use the calling
point in this app, you can disable it. Go to
Telegram settings> sequestration and Security>
Calls and elect nothing.
You can also stop nonnatives from adding you to
Telegram groups by going to Telegram settings
sequestration and Security> Groups &
Channels and opting My Connections.
Control which prints are saved automatically
You can stop Telegram from saving incoming
prints directly, to your phone’s gallery, allowing
you to view them without adding them to your
camera roll and, taking up space on your phone.
You can do that by going to Telegram settings>
Data and Storage> Save Incoming prints
and disabling all the options on the runner.

cancel connections stored on Telegram waiters
You can negotiate this by going to Telegram
settings> sequestration and Security> Data
Settings> cancel Synced Connections.
You can use Telegram without giving it access to
your address book. If you preliminarily had given
Telegram access to your connections, you can fluently
cancel all of, your connections from Telegram’s waiters.

Add a passcode cinch
you can keep your Telegram exchanges down
from prying eyes by setting up, a passcode cinch in
the app. Visit Telegram settings> sequestration and
Security> Passcode to get it done.

Telegram, still, lets you use secret exchanges
with connections alongside their regular exchanges.
The Secret Chat window for that contact is
end- to- end translated, and no third- party
except the sender and the receiver has
access to this converse, not indeed Telegram.

tone- destructing Media
tone- destructing dispatches is n’t new to
Telegram, but the point was before
accessible only via the app’s Secret Chats.
Now, after a recent update, Telegram lets
you shoot tone- destructing dispatches in
regular exchanges as well.

Two- Step VeriNcation
A lot of apps have now begun making twostep
verification or two- factor authorisation
available for fresh sequestration, and so does
Telegram. Once enabled, the point
requires to enter a word, every time you
login to Telegram from, a new or old device.
The word, is demanded in addition to the
OTP or one time word, which appears
on when you set up, the account on a new
Proxy waiters
Telegram also, supports deputy waiters. This
lets druggies hide their IP address by
connecting, to a custom deputy garçon. This
workshop analogous to how a VPN connection, but
is a point you should be using only if you
know what you ’re doing. While a deputy is
not as secure as a VPN connection, it has the
advantage of not taking a hit on your
internet speed. To set up a deputy garçon,
druggies can navigate to Settings Data and
Storage/ Proxy Settings.
Telegram allows druggies to cancel not just their
own dispatches, but also those, transferred by others
in private one- on- one exchanges. While this
point is a little shady, and can be
ineffective, it’s a boon for those
wanting absolute sequestration, in their exchanges. It
can also be ideal if one party’s device, is
stolen and you want, to clear any kind of
nonpublic dispatches, from the converse.
To cancel the Sender’s dispatches, just longpress
on any converse communication and hit the delete

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